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Praise for Hot Dish Confidential

“Hot Dish Confidential will charm you, make you laugh, and teach you how to cook. It is impossible to resist the story of how apricot jam can lead you to the love of your life.”

— Lynn Hightower, internationally bestselling author of The Beautiful Risk.

“In Hot Dish Confidential, George Sorensen takes the reader on a wild and hilarious adventure as he learns to be a gourmet cook.  He does this by throwing dinners featuring different countries—France, Italy, Germany, to name a few.  While the stories can be harrowing at times—baked peaches that should be served fresh, and other cooking disasters—Sorensen gamely continues on his quest.  In the end he not only conquers the feast, he romances a lovely fellow chef and their jam takes honors at the state fair.  A piece de resistance indeed!”

—Mary Logue, author of The Big Sugar

“With just a pinch of wisdom, a shake of humor and a heaping helping of good old fashion imagination George has managed to serve up a mighty meal in this book.”

— Duncan Rouleau, Co-Creator of Big Hero Six, Ben 10 and a slew of other pop culture staples.

Other Books by George Sorensen

George Sorensen Writes Novels and Nonfiction.

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